MESH recently did an interview with recent graduate Blake Tegjeu about his journey from uni student to a digital designer.

When did you study at Murdoch University?

From 2013 – 2016.

What course/s did you study?

I majored in Graphic Design and Games Art & Design.

What career opportunities did the course give you?

I received insights into the real working world and interacted with people already in the industries.

What has been your favourite unit in the course and why?

The final game design unit (in which you make a game). I’m not doing anything game-related right now in terms of work, but the teamwork skills I developed in that unit were invaluable in integrating myself within the design team I worked with. We were introduced to the “agile development framework”, which just fit so well with game development that it was a real joy to use. Obviously, the digital design skills I learnt were still great, and you were often honing your individual skills as well.

What was the most challenging aspect of the course?

  1. Getting to uni on time.
  2. Handing assignments on time.
  3. Watching lectures.

Kidding…the units I did were engaging, so I never really struggled with anything other than the usual uni life woes.


Can you describe your new role?

I work as a digital designer at RAC, primarily focused on UX design. I’m still new, so I’m still learning and coming to grips with the beast that is their CMS. Essentially, I’m making sure that the content that goes online is designed with the user in mind, and discussing ways we can better design so that the user journey is a pleasant and memorable one.