The MESH Consultancy provides a research-lead industry practice consultancy service from the School of Arts at Murdoch University. We provide both student and academic consultancy services across a range of creative media and communication disciplines within the school. More information on specific consultancy services can be found on each of the MESH Consultancy pages.




I represent an organisation interested in MESH Consultancy services, how do I go about expressing interest?


MESH welcomes expressions of interest from interested clients throughout the year. To express your interest, get in touch through or visit our contact us page. As a student-led consultancy there are some considerations and constraints for potential projects as outlined below.


What type of work can MESH student consultants assist with?


Our MESH Student consultancy runs across a range of communication and creative media disciplines and can be broken down into two main categories, project based consultancy or in-house consultancy. For project based consultancy services, students will complete the work on campus as a learning experience within a number of units in each discipline, and more information on the specific projects can be found on each consultancy page. Our in-house consultancy involves a student conducting a placement on-site with your organisation for a specified period of time.


What is involved in the project based consultancy service?


MESH student projects take place within units across the communication and creative media disciplines in the School of Arts, with each discipline including a number of project units that can accommodate MESH projects. Once you have expressed interest in a MESH project, we will discuss with you the scope of the project before asking that you complete a project agreement for the agreed project. As a client we will often ask if you can initially meet students to provide a project brief, be available for contact by students if required, and on completion of the project unit you will be provided with the relevant project outputs. These outputs are provided as is, and MESH provides no guarantee that they will meet or exceed expectations. It is also important to consider that projects are conducted within units and must fit within the learning content and assessment of each project unit. If you’re unsure whether your project fits within any of our MESH project units, please get in touch and we can discuss your individual project needs.


When will my project be completed?


Although we endeavour to find a place for all projects, student projects take place within the semester timeframe and are bound by our student numbers. The semesters usually begin in February and July, and as such there may be a delay before we can begin a project. Although we endeavour to fit in most projects, due to limited student numbers we can’t guarantee that a project will fit within any MESH project unit. It is also important to consider that projects are conducted as a learning activity and assessment piece by students, and as such there are also constraints and limitations to the project scope that are defined by each relevant unit. These details will be discussed with you once it is determined if the project is eligible and fits within our capabilities.


What is involved in the in-house consultancy service?


Our in-house consultancy service provides you with the opportunity to take on a professional placement student for approximately 15 working days. High achieving students from across our communication and creative media disciplines are given the opportunity to complete a placement with an organisation that is relevant and of interest to them. MESH in-house consultants can complete their professional placement at any time of the year on either a full-time or part-time basis, and as such the service is dependent on the availability of a relevant student. Organisations wishing to take on a professional placement student are required to provide a constructive learning experience, which includes the provision of an experienced workplace supervisor relevant to the student’s field of study. All in-house consultancy services are organised in collaboration with the University’s Work Integrated Learning department.


What type of work can MESH academic consultants assist with?


MESH academic consultants may be available to assist with research based industry practice projects. For more information on MESH academic or research based consultancy services, please get in touch.


I represent an organisation interested in diverse or ongoing consultancy services, can MESH help?


We are always on the lookout for organisations that can provide diverse and collaborative interdisciplinary projects for our students. If you have a range of project needs and are interested in forming a partnership with MESH, please get in touch to discuss how MESH can assist with your specific interests.