The Graduate Diploma in Web Communication at Murdoch University is an innovative qualification for professionals who need the theoretical knowledge and technical skills in social media tactics and technologies, search engine optimization, web content, web analytics and online communications strategies. The course will cover the full spectrum of web communications in business, social, political, and organisational spheres and provide students with the technical skills to maximise opportunities in this new landscape.

Admission Requirements –Recognised Bachelor’s degree in any field, or equivalent training, or satisfactory preparation for the course through previous study or professional experience. English competence.

Core Units – 24 points.      Duration 1yr, 2 semester FT or PT
POINTS Unit Title
3 points MCM501 Critical and Ethical Issues in Communication
3 points MCM502 Web Strategy
6 points MCM681 Strategic Communication
3 points WEB564 Web Analytics
3 points WEB565 Web Planning
3 points WEB666 Social Media
3 points WEB567 Advanced Web Communication Project


Unit Description
Critical and Ethical Issues in Communication (MCM501)

Media and communication professionals operate in an environment governed by laws, regulations and professional codes of practice. Practitioners need to understand and apply them. They also need to make critical editorial judgments in an ethical way, in context and often under pressure. This unit investigates some key issues that demand understanding, analysis and application of regulations and ethical decision making.

Web Strategy (MCM502)

This unit explores the function and form of communications strategy in the web environment by analysing the impact of the Internet – in particular web sites, social media and mobile communication technology – on the way that organisations interact with stakeholders and audiences in the online public sphere. Students will engage with public relations, marketing communication and Internet theory in order to research, develop and implement strategy in real time with real life clients.

Strategic Communication (MCM681)
This unit focuses on how organisations present and promote themselves through the purposeful communication activities of leaders, employees, and communication practitioners, including relationship building with targeted audiences. Using case studies about the social and reputational issues confronting contemporary organisations, it examines the links between communication, the media, culture and social change, and identifies managerial strategies for effective communication. The unit employs an integrated, multidisciplinary perspective, drawing on disciplines such as management, corporate communication and marketing communications.


Web Analytics(NEW5XX)
This unit examines the process of developing, analysing and implementing web analytics. Students will learn how to design and implement effective web data collection tools and processes for a range of search engine optimisation, strategic and business applications. In this hands-on unit, students will conduct research on target demographics, analyse both qualitative and quantitative data, and then present their results.


Web Planning(WEB565)

This unit focuses on the development of strategic planning for web communications campaigns. Students will research and analyse key strategic communications theories definitions, history, scope, and the underlying methods of planning practice. Ethical issues and laws that affect the practice of strategic communication are covered. In addition, students will study key principles and competencies in planning, and implementing and evaluating a successful web plan in the context of a web communications campaign.


Social Media Analysis(WEB566)

This unit explores the application of  communication technologies, with an emphasis on digital and social media. It considers the use of social media in professional, government and community and public relations contexts. Students develop skills in audience research, campaign planning and the resources required to engage in the application of an online social media strategy for a variety of online contexts.


Advanced Web Communication Project(WEB567)

This is a project based unit with the emphasis on the development, implementation and successful completion of authentic, client based web communication projects. Students critically analyse issues drawn from social, political, business, and nonprofit cases. Student teams apply principles learned in this unit and prior units to work with clients using research and strategic analysis to create solutions to web communications challenges.

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