MESH did a recent interview with Radio and Sound major student G di Giovanni about his time at Murdoch


When did you study at Murdoch University?

I started my studies in 2006 after graduating high school, but due to a mix of factors I dropped down to part time until 2013. When I returned to uni full time it was older and a little wiser and I was able to complete my studies in November 2015.


What course did you study?

I initially enrolled in the Bachelor of Media: Radio, but after returning to full time study I added a second major of Journalism as my interested started to flow towards this direction. I’ve studied a variety of different electives in my time at Murdoch.


What made you choose Murdoch and your particular course?

I chose Murdoch as it was one of the only places that had a dedicated radio major, and through family friends I had the chance to visit the studios of RTRFM and see how a live radio program was produced. After that I was hooked. My mum also studied with Gail Phillips who was teaching at Murdoch, and that was a contributing factor.


What are you doing now?

I’m currently building experience as a journalist working part time at the ABC as a local radio Emergency Producer. I always have to pinch myself when thinking about how quickly after my studies I’m already working at the ABC.

I also the Executive Producer on a weekly podcast called Pixel Sift with other Murdoch University students and we have a growing dedicated following. Each week we put together a weekly show, with multimedia, live video streaming and online content. It’s one of pet projects and it’s helped my keep my skills sharp in the transition between studies and employment.


What were your highlights studying your course at Murdoch?

I’ve had a chance to use some top notch gear within a supporting and helpful environment. As someone who is always keen to improve my skills, I felt I could ask for help with any of my projects, and Murdoch has been supportive of many different aspects of my education. I’ve met some great people and I really believe that I was able to take full advantage of everything that was on offer.


Anything else you would like to add about your course/School of Arts / Murdoch?

Radio is a fantastic medium, I’m a hopeless devotee and I really feel like if you are interested in getting into Radio, Murdoch is one of the best places to do it. Kate Swan one of the student advisors is a gem, and she has done a lot to help me out. Simon Order, Andrew Porter, Russell Bishop and Chris Smyth have all been very helpful and happy to offer advice.