Sound design involves anything from the creation of one single sound to the creation of an entire soundtrack for a film or video game. Sound designers create all the non-compositional elements in the production of sound for TV, film, animation, installations, electronic games, arts applications, galleries, museums, simulators, and theme park production – the list goes on!

Within this course you will be expected to think creatively and study all elements of audio technology, sound and acoustic environments and the image and narrative structure of sound. You will also examine the human response to sound, its effects on emotions, recollection and recall. Sound Designers create sounds and soundscapes for objects, action and events, often for elements beyond our knowledge and experience of the real world. They tell stories with sound from the spoken word and podcasting to surround sound cinema or in an interactive immersive environment.

Industrial Sound Designers increasingly create the familiar or recognisable sounds of the modern world – the sounds of a car’s indicator, the distinctive rasp of a motorcycle exhaust or the sound telling a fighter pilot the speed and direction of an approaching missile.

As a Sound graduate, you will understand the context and historical development of sound production, and be skilled in applying them in areas such as advanced microphone techniques for acoustic recording or the soundtrack for a console game, as well as developing your critical listening skills. You will be able to record, edit, and mix, create various forms of audio media for various applications, and in a variety of styles and periods.

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