Paolo Feliciano

I studied a double major in Interactive Digital Design (now known as Graphic Design) and Screen Production, and finished these courses at the end of 2014.

Its hard to pinpoint the best part of my time in Murdoch. One would be finding friends who share the same interests and passion that I do was amazing. Having access to a plethora of equipment that one would usually have to pay an arm and a leg for. I was also lucky to be part of something called the Creative Arts Initiative, which gave me crucial hands on experience with industry professionals.

I’m currently working as a Grip Assistant for GMS Grips with Greg Stirling, working on films such as Blue Dog (the prequel to the successful Australian film ‘Red Dog’) and will be working on Other Life as well as Jasper Jones before years end. None of this would have been possible without the help of Murdoch, through both the theory I learned in class to the CAI Project that allowed me to network with industry professionals which got my foot in the door. Murdoch has definitely been a great catalyst for my career in film and had a fun time during my time there.


Allison Nankivell

I originally began my studies at Murdoch with a Bachelor of Media, majoring in Screen and Sound. However, because Murdoch encourages students to explore different fields throughout their studies, I found I fell in love with a broad spectrum of media fields. Consequently I graduated at the end of 2013 with a Bachelor of Media, majoring in Screen & Sound, and Radio, and a minor in Photography, and a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Journalism. I then went on to study Honours in Screen Production in 2014, and in the beginning of 2015 was accepted as a PhD candidate.

3Murdoch offers a very encouraging, and safe learning environment. Its lecturers and tutors have a wealth of knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm that they impart on their students. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my degrees was utilising this knowledge and creating productions such as films, radio shows, photo shoots and online publications. The media courses at Murdoch are definitely very hands-on and enjoyable.

I am currently undertaking my PhD. The skills and theoretical knowledge I gained throughout my undergrad at Murdoch have held me in good stead for this journey. Following this, the university has not only provided me with sensational supervisors but they have also financially supported me through a scholarship. Without this kind of support, I wouldn’t be able to follow my dreams. Thanks Murdoch!


Ben Wright

I studied a Journalism/Screen Production Double Major. I temporarily moved east for a year to study photojournalism, but Murdoch was better so I came back! I graduated at the end of 2013.

At Murdoch I experienced a large degree of freedom to explore ideas and create works around them, whilst being given the support and structure needed to make them into successful finished products. This, combined with the strong relationship that the school of media (particularly the Screen Department) has with the local industry, made for a course that blended theory with hands-on industry experience to those willing to do it. This has been imperative in forging my own career.

After a year of working a wide variety of local productions ranging from small music videos to feature films, I have now taken up a position as head of development and business affairs for Good Dog Enterprises, A WA based film production company run by Nelson Woss (Red Dog, Ned Kelly). I also have my own production company, Euclid Media, which I setup in 2015 to manage my own slate of projects.

Murdoch set me up with the skills and network needed to get my foot in the door with the local industry, and I ended out working on over 20 productions in 2014. It was also a connection through one of my lecturers that got me the initial position with Good Dog Enterprises working on their feature film Blue Dog as a Producer’s Assistant, which lead to my current position once Blue Dog moved into post-production.


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