Today, every successful global organisation understands the value of public relations and the critical role it plays in organisational survival. Even Bill Gates once said that if he were down to the last dollar, he would spend it on public relations.

Murdoch University’s Public Relations program prepares students for a wide range of career options. From being a crisis manager, sponsorship manager, corporate affairs director, community relations advisor to a media relations specialist, our lecturers encourage students to develop as critical thinkers and strategic communicators.

In this three-year program, students gain skills in a range of areas including research and analysis, campaign development, media relations and strategic issues management to name a few.

The program encourages creativity and is challenging but the hard work pays off with the development of life and career skills.

You can read more about the student experience and the types of work undertaken by Murdoch PR students from graduate Tyler Leow (below).

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Tyler Leow talks about his experiences as a PR student

If Cinderella ever looked back, she wouldn’t have been a princess. That was what Tyler told himself when he left Singapore to enrol in Murdoch University’s Public Relations Program. The Singaporean student has decided to call Perth his permanent home and the PR program in Murdoch University has indeed opened many doors for Tyler’s future career path.

“I used to think that PR is just a fancy name for party planning. But now I realise I can work in any kind of industry from mining to fashion. Anything I want to do is possible with PR,” the 3rd year graduate explained.

His proudest achievement to date was planning a Public Relations conference for 11 non-profit clients such as WA Aids Council and The Menswork Project, to improve their existing campaign plans. The experience was both hectic and eye opening. He and three other team members, had to scout for sponsorships, design the conference booklet, liaise with 51 students, 3 guest speakers and 22 representatives from the non-profit groups, and lastly run the event. He owed the success of the conference to his education at Murdoch University.

“The lecturers, with their rich work life experiences and academic knowledge, gave me much insight on the subtle details untrained event planners often overlooked.”

The real life scenarios played out during tutorial classes have also encouraged Tyler to seek out-of-the-box solutions instead of textbook answers.  In order to boost students’ self-confidence and prepare them for future work, they were often encouraged to speak up by lecturers.

“It is a positive learning environment with absolutely no judgement. Every student is given an equal opportunity to showcase what he/she knows. The constant exchange of ideas among students from all parts of the world and domestic students have definitely enriched my PR knowledge and made me a more open minded individual.”