Our MESH students worked with the Naragebup Rockingham Regional Environmental Centre to build a new logo and custom themed WordPress website. Naragebup is a not for profit organization that provides information and education with regards to environmental sustainability in the local community. Through the utilization of dedicated volunteers, they promote conservation and water wise practices, knowledge and appreciation of the local wildlife and strategies to minimize environmental impacts.

The students felt that the existing website lacked a unique visual identity and strategy for user engagement. While it had a lot of engaging content, the visual presentation was lacking, and as such, it severely impeded the communicating and effectiveness of Naragebup’s goals as an organisation.

“The main goal we had in mind for creating Naragebup’s new website was to develop a unique and engaging website that would effectively communicate what Naragebup was all about.” – Student

The first steps the students took in order to achieve their goals was to establish a good connection and relationship with the volunteers and stakeholders at Naragebup RREC. They sent emails straight away and met with the client on the Saturday of the first week of the project to begin talking about what would be involved. The next step in the project was research. They thoroughly researched Naragebup, its history and their competitors. From there, they constructed various mood boards, user personas, possible user scenarios, a site map, a content strategy and a possible wireframe that would effectively encapsulate the new website.

“After ensuring all of our research was complete, we started to create some design compositions of what the end result would end up looking like. The three of us all created our own compositions so that the client would have a good amount of choice regarding what they thought worked and what didn’t.” – Student

The solution the students provided helped Naragebup RREC in many ways, particularly in user engagement and in providing a new and updated web presence outside of their Facebook page. To exceed the client’s expectations, the students also ensured that the client would be able to edit most (if not all) of the website and its plugins, so that they could change anything if they so desired.


Client Testimonial

‘All Committee members of Naragebup are extremely impressed with the website Preston, Nicholas & Tarsha have created for us. They all had great ideas, communicated well and were very attentive and professional in their approach. The students were a pleasure to work with and fine representatives of the University. We now have an up to date, modern looking website that is easy to navigate and looks professional. We really appreciate all their hard work as this website is a huge step forward for our not-for-profit organisation.’

Blake Rose
Vice-Chair of Naragebup, RREC