Best Short Dramatic Film


Produce a dramatic fictional film in any style or genre. Films should be no longer than 5 minutes, must deserve less than an ‘M’ rating, and must not use copyright material. Submissions will be judged on: Originality and Creativity; Clarity and strength of idea and script; Visual creativity, and good execution in terms of performance, camera, sound and editing.


Best Persuasive Essay


Write a 300 word persuasive speech on a topic of your choice. The aim is to convey a convincing argument and to persuade your audience to consider your point-of-view. Topics should be drawn from Australian or international politics and social issues, entertainment and sport, education or activism and advocacy. Submissions will be judged on: Demonstrates understanding of speech format (writing for the ear); Demonstrates ability to articulate a clear and cohesive argument; Demonstrates originality of thought and evidence of research; Demonstrates understanding of the intended audience.



Best Video Game Character Concept


Produce a poster-size game character concept design containing one or more images of your character and text to illuminate their backstory. Via visual and/or textual indications of pose, clothing, equipment, and accessories, convey your character’s personality, culture, and capabilities. Characters need not be human, maximum poster image dimensions: 2048x1024px, jpg format. Submissions will be judged on: Originality and creativity of ideas; Clear, distinctive execution; Suitability of character elements in overall design; Attention to detail.



Best Magazine Cover Design


Create a magazine cover of your own design for your favourite media genre. Design a cover for your own self-published magazine that promotes a character (or characters) of your own design. This character (or characters) can be from a fictitious series of your own creation or an addition to an existing series such as your favourite TV show, movie, comic book, zine, blog, web show, etc. Your magazine cover design should include standard publication requirements such as a title, issue subtitle, captions for what’s inside, bar code and price. Submissions will be judged on visual creativity, originality, typography and attention to detail. Submit your project as a PDF document.



Best Music Production


Create a music production 3-5 minutes in length that you have composed, performed and produced. It can be made using acoustic sources, for example, voices and piano, electronic sources such as computer music technology, or a combination of both. Submissions will be judged on: Technical production quality; Effectiveness of the arrangement; Musicality; Emotional strength; Creativity.



Best Audio Recorded Interview


Record a 3-5 minute interview you have conducted as the reporter with an interviewee. You will have crafted the questions, the angle of the interview, recorded the sound effects and produced the final edit. Submissions will be judged on: Overall sound quality; Coherent storyline; Choice of talent; Use of sound effects; Quality of editing.


Best Photographic Series


Produce a series 6 photographs linked by theme and style. Editing is permitted. Submissions will be judged on: Composition; Use of light; Technical skill; Imagination.


Best Dramatic Monologue to Camera


Perform a 2 minute monologue to camera without props. Monologue can be original or from existing dramatic text. Submissions will be judged on: Understanding of the language and the character selected; vocal clarity; Understanding of the character’s presence through movement and other dramatic techniques pertinent to the role.



Best Online News Story


Write a 250 – 300 word story that would work on a news website. The story must focus on a real event or thing. The topic is up to the entrant, but the closer to hard news, the better. Students must supply an original supporting photograph, but may also choose to submit a video item, audio item, or other form of multimedia to complement their story. Submissions will be judged on: Story is well and succinctly written; Story meets the specified word count; Interesting topic selection. Extra consideration given to hard news stories; Supporting photograph adds value to the story. Greater consideration will be given to extra multimedia that demonstrates a greater degree of difficulty. *Hard news will be defined as stories of widespread local, national, and international significance.



Best Short Story


Write an original 1500 word short story in any style or genre. The story must be previously unpublished, and not entered into any other competition. Submissions will be judged on: Demonstration of understanding of the short story form; Engages readers; Demonstration of originality, flair and fluency in style and technique; Reader engagement.