Young People and Game Developers Working Together

This research seeks to empower young people by engaging them in the co-creation of a video game prototype with professional developers, erasing the line between producer and customer, observer and subject, designer and user, in a participatory action research framework.

The near-universal popularity of video games amongst young people provides an ideal opportunity to explore how creative engagement in their development might be an avenue to increased wellbeing and self-efficacy. This research grasps this opportunity, and will explore video game characteristics that can specifically address shortcomings of previous ‘serious games’ related to wellbeing, namely that of encouraging repeat visits and sustained use over time.

The projects aims are to

  • Uncover roles for engaging unskilled vulnerable young people in the professional video game development process;
  • Develop and implement a co-creative process for young people to participate in early stages of professional game design;
  • Develop innovative methods of measuring positive and sustained engagement of young people in the co-creation of video games; and
  • Assess whether video game development is an effective creative outlet by which young people can increase their sense of wellbeing.

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