Consulting on design and development for the Institute for Immunology and Infectious Diseases, we created an appealing, personal feeling application so that patients could provide feedback to their doctor on how they were feeling in a convenient and private way. Doctors are provided with a convenient and concise breakdown of the results which saves processing time and allows future consultations to be focused on targeted medical advice.


Our software, will deliver patient self reports (PROs) into medical practice systems through a secure portal. Our custom interface, provides a synthesis of patient reports focusing doctors on patient concerns during the consultation. Configurable to capture information over time, our software has the capacity to deliver, quality care for life.

Use of patient reported outcomes  is an important addition in the clinical setting and definitely complements other (clinical care) measures


1 in 5 people in Australia suffer from multiple chronic health conditions and quality of life is often affected, but important psycho-social information is not captured in routine clinical care because assessment is time consuming and can generate unwieldy information.

The ProHealth App effectively bridges the information divide between patients and their clinicians offering improved communication and mutual benefit.

The platform was developed in collaboration with doctors, scientists, researchers, and health professionals from Perth and Paris, and a live pilot program was run internationally in Australia and France.



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