Dylan is a high achieving final year student majoring in media and communication in the School of Arts at Murdoch University who recently undertook a professional placement as a part of his studies with the Digital First team. Digital First lead a large project of work that is transforming Murdoch University’s online presence, including a complete redesign of the Murdoch University website. As a MESH Consultant working with the Digital First team, Dylan was able to gain invaluable experience and develop his skills before graduating. Here’s what Dylan had to say:

“Working with Digital First as a MESH consultant was an awesome experience that I would recommend to any student. Completing a work placement as a MESH consultant is a great opportunity for students who want to take their degree to the next level.

My time at Digital First provided me with the opportunity to gain real world, industry experience. This helped to link what I have learnt at University with a potential career pathway.

During my placement, I was given the opportunity to sit in on a number of meetings; this allowed me to gain an understanding of, not only the role of Digital First within the specific project, but also the role of the other teams involved. This provided so much insight and inspiration as to the specific industry areas that I would like to pursue in the future.

As a MESH consultant I also had practice in developing my professional communication skills, these skills will be beneficial in giving myself a head start for being career ready. I also received great guidance and career pathway advice, as well as a number of networking opportunities.

Overall what I enjoyed most about my time at Digital First is that I had the opportunity to contribute to various stages of the project. This required me to apply what I have learnt throughout my degree within a real word context.

Working with Digital First as a MESH consultant was a truly beneficial experience and I would highly recommend any final year student look into completing a placement as a MESH consultant.

A work placement can act as the perfect bridge to link the completion of your degree with the beginning of your career journey. Having work experience also means you will stand out from other graduates. The experience and career guidance gained during your placement has the potential to kick-start your professional career after Murdoch.”