The Bachelor of Creative Media in Graphic Design at Murdoch University is an industry-focused program that integrates innovative design strategy with practical skills for a range of print and digital media contexts.
Taught by staff with extensive industry experience, the course provides a strong work-related learning experience that prepares students for a range of print (branding and publication design), digital product design (UX web, mobile app,) and strategic design (user experience and service design) sectors.
In the first-year students will engage core hands-on skills in visual problem solving and authentic graphic design production techniques through a range of industry-relevant projects. Second-year focuses on professional projects that extend graphic design skills in the context of commercial standards and expectations. In the final year, students will engage a range of client-driven work in order to develop a portfolio encompassing both print, digital and communication design environments, for a dynamic and rapidly changing global industry.

The practical components of the Graphic Design course are designed so that you can get a job-

Print Design :

  • Focuses on core traditional graphic design skills
  • Brand and Identity Design- design process, research strategies, critical thinking, brand strategies, service design, touchpoint collateral, dynamic identity design
  • Publication Design- prepress, grids, typography, layout, information design, the material process of printing

UX, Digital web and app design:

  • Core design skills- composition, colour, web typography, etc
  • Design Research- personas, competitors analysis, UX and GCD usability testing, information architecture, content strategies.
  • Technical-  psd to html, responsive design, Bootstrap, W3C web standards, usability testing, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Animation, W3C accessibility, Project Management and content management integration (eg WordPress).
  • All projects are coded by hand, not be software. For example, students build a custom and responsive WordPress theme- from scratch for a real-world client.

Design Strategy:

  • Interaction design- goal-directed design and user-centred design, mobile app construction, user research, interface design, concept boards, mobile app prototypes.
  • Service Design- framing, user insights, personas, scope, ideation, service concepts, prototype testing, feasibility testing.
  • Communication Strategy- content strategies, managing information, SEO ( search engine optimisation, applied communication, ethnographic research as design research and evidence based design.)


What makes Murdoch’s Graphic Design course unique?

  • Focus is on the convergence of digital and print design. The print industry is in decline so you will have to do both print and digital design.
  • Concentrate on more than just traditional graphic design that focuses on short term outcomes for clients. Instead, you will be taught to engage a client in a holistic way, through strategies such as;
    *UX and Interaction design
    *Service design
    *Branding and strategic communication
  • Double majors mean you get twice the skills for the same cost and time as a single major from any other university- you could undertake-
    *Graphic Design and Photography
    *Graphic Design and Web Communication
    *Graphic Design and Games Art and Design.
  • You will master digital skills as central to your skillset- digital design skills should be central in a world in which print design is in decline
  • You will also master print design and production skills in the real world
  • You will be taught by lecturers with  extensive industry experience- (see below)
  • If you work hard and produce good work you will get a job, like lots of previous graduates

Dr Mark Cypher-Senior Lecturer- Artist, Freelance Designer /Consultant (
Erica Ormsby- Art Director, Graphic Designer – (Mako Media)
See the Graphic Design Course Structure


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