Abigail is a current student majoring in graphic design and public relations in the School of Arts at Murdoch University, and is also the designer behind the brand new MESH logo. She produced the logo as a client project in one of her graphic design units, so we thought we would ask her a few questions to learn about her experience with the project and as a student studying at Murdoch.

Can you tell us a bit about your MESH logo design, what inspired it and what the process was?


The MESH logo was inspired by the concept of unity and working together. The dots in the logo are actually braille for the letter M, symbolizing the way mesh should be accessible to everyone. The dots also can represent the multidisciplinary nature of MESH, and the way diverse skills work together. The inspiration for the dots was originally from a domino. I wanted to represent connectivity, links and teamwork, as well as some fun, the way dominos do. For the typography, I knew I wanted to keep it to a minimal san serif font (without all the curly bits!). That way the branding could tie in with the rest of the established Murdoch identity. All these ideas didn’t come together at once, the process took weeks of brainstorming, researching, watching documentaries (I highly recommend abstract on Netflix). I interviewed across ages and interests, had multiple mental breakdowns and ideas that didn’t quite work, until this one. Despite the work load, it was a lot of fun, and I’m proud of the end result.

You produced the logo as a part of the IDD202 Brand and Identity Design Unit, how did you find the unit and the opportunity to complete a real client project?


LOVED IT! All honesty, I learnt so much from this unit. It’s really exciting to know that you have an opportunity to put your work out there. It’s also super encouraging when you’re half way through your assignment and can’t be bothered anymore, to remember that there is a bigger picture. This unit isn’t about getting a grade, it’s about real client experience. Opportunities for feedback and maybe even work. So go for it, give it all you’ve got for a semester and see what comes out of it.

Why did you choose to study graphic design at Murdoch, and what do you like most about the course?


What was so appealing about Murdoch was that I can combine my graphic design major with almost any other major on campus. I’m also really interested in public relations and social media, which I’ve been able to study alongside graphic design. The further I’ve got into my graphics course, the more thankful I’ve become to be studying it at Murdoch. The course is new, fresh and current to the industry. Half of the units specialise in digital and web design, which is a huge undercurrent in the design industry and really important for graduates to know. My tutors have also been excellent, super supportive and passionate about what they teach.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?


Not too sure what I want to do at this point, the good news is graphic design can really take you anywhere. I can get a job for a large business working as an in house graphic designer mixed with advertising, or in a design studio working for different businesses. One thing I know I love is doing branding, helping people express who they want to be visually.