In 2016, a team of Murdoch University students developed a campaign proposal for Safety Bay Senior High School that aimed to improve communication and enhance the reputation of the school within the local community.

Safety Bay Senior High School (SBSHS) is an independent public school located 54 kilometres south of Perth, attended by 1,116 active students from diverse backgrounds. Although the school achieves a high rate of successful student outcomes, a gap existed between the community’s perception of the school and the positive experiences shared by most students.

Using a range of communication activities, the “Safety Bay Way – Telling Our Own Story” campaign was designed to employ organisational storytelling as a means of aligning school success and community perceptions, strengthening stakeholder relationships, building community networks and enhancing the school’s reputation.

The campaign proposed the implementation of cross-channel storytelling, using both online and offline channels to share content. The three main tactics involved the development of an online magazine titled ‘The Safety Bay Way’, the sharing of stories across social media and online channels, and ongoing media relations.

The team presented the campaign proposal at an end of semester conference along with a campaign report, an online magazine template, detailed content calendar, and media contacts list tailored to the client’s needs.