At the School of Arts we believe in creating opportunities for our students, rather than limiting their potential. With a Murdoch Arts degree, you can choose to major in two separate subject areas rather than just one, all in the same three year degree. By simply utilising your electives to build an entire second major, you have the opportunity to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts with two distinct specialisations.

Simply, double majors means you get two major skill sets for the price of one, for no extra money, with no extra time and you double your chance at getting a job when you graduate.

Here is a list of double major suggestions for those studying Graphic Design.

Double Major– Games Art and Design /Graphic Design
Possible Job – Interface and Interaction Designer
Interface Artists design, build and implement all aspects of a games graphic interface. Collaborate with cross-functional teams including developers, illustrators, graphics design, managers and testers to provide optimal user experience for their customers. Create and maintain all user interface design deliverables including flowcharts, wireframes, personas, mockups and interactive prototypes. Research customer needs whilst keeping track of technology trends

 Double Major–Photography /Graphic Design
Possible job- Digital Content Producer, Print Content Producer
Combining Photography and Graphic Design will enable graduates to enhance Photo research skills, engage content production from start to finish, defining and deliver the style and feel of the branded content, gain experience in managing the workflow of print and digital content production, gain a good understanding of experience in research skills and best practice social media design.

Double Major–Screen Production/ Graphic Design
Possible job-Titles Designer, Motion Graphics Designer
Titles Designer, Motion Graphics Designer specialises in on-screen typography and visual effects creating the opening titles sequence, as well as intertitles or title cards in a film or television show.

 Double Major–Web Comms/ Graphic Design
Possible job- Web Strategy, Web metrics analyst, Social media strategy
Students with a double major in Web Communications and Graphic Design will be engage both print and digital production and extend theses skills into strategic communication contexts. For example, graduates will be able to produce and administer social media content and campaigns,   build and implement marketing sponsorships and promotions strategies, develop manage and implement digital and web strategy to drive people into a clients business, research and create appropriate daily for multiple social media platforms, create, maintain, edit, proof and upload website content across brands, create artwork to support online campaigns,   identify trends and develop strategy to grow the social media community and progress the online presence of a business, monitor and measure the success of a digital campaigns and prepare regular management reports of key social media statistics and results.


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