MESH recently did an interview with Sebastien Gerard a recent Design and Web Communication graduate to find out about his new job as a Multimedia Production Specialist.


What career opportunities did the course give you?

Work placement through Murdoch provided me hands on experience with CKY Media. Through their shared office space I met the directors of Epigroup and was offered a job with them once my course ended.


What has been your favourite unit in the course and why?

One of my favourite topics discussed was Web Analytics and security/privacy.


What was the most challenging aspect of the course?

During summer when it’s a sunny 35 degrees, and the tav is one direction but your 4pm lab is the other.


Can you describe your new role?

The role is “Multimedia Production Specialist”, and largely surrounds planning and implementing e-learning courses. The company I work for is expanding from their core business of Occupational Health and Safety so  a lot of their clients are in Oil and Gas. The role is a neat mix of user experience design, planning, and some filming.

My most recent project included a few days off shore of Karratha to get some drone footage. That’s the first time I’ve been in a helicopter and the amount of marine life you see off the platform is mind boggling.

In between that I’ve had the opportunity to nip off to remote locations in WA and film landscapes for our Exchange Tower project. Link below if you want to have a snoop.


Exchange Tower Perth CBD