At the School of Arts we believe in creating opportunities for our students, rather than limiting their potential. With a Murdoch Arts degree, you can choose to major in two separate subject areas rather than just one, all in the same three year degree. By simply utilising your electives to build an entire second major, you have the opportunity to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts with two distinct specialisations.

Simply, double majors means you get two major skill sets for the price of one, for no extra money, with no extra time and you double your chance at getting a job when you graduate.

Here is a list of double major suggestions for those studying Games Art and Design.

Double Major–Japanese / Games Art and Design
Possible job- Games designer, Animator
The Japanese manga and games industry is one of the largest in the world. Graduates have worked for manga companies in Japan such in areas such as animation and modelling.

 Double Major–Sound and Games Art & Design
Possible job- Games sound designer
Sound in games is one often overlooked but is one of the most important elements for building mood and tension. Understanding both sound and games production puts you in a unique position as a Games sound designer.

 Double Major–Graphic Design/ Games Art and Design
Possible job-User Interface and Interaction Designer
Interface Artist designs, builds and implements all aspects of a games graphic interface.

  Double Major–Web Communication / Games Art and Design
Possible job-Player Support, Community Management, Player relations manager
Community Managers and Player relations managers use strategic communications with a deep understanding of player communities will help Games companies communicate, reach more players and earn their confidence and trust. Community management and player support engages players experience to guide and cultivate better community relations.

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