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Scott Ludlam is the co-deputy head of the Greens party and is a Senate member. The Greens party have a
Recorded towards the end of a hectic semester, Scott Martin was feeling the pressure. To counter the stress, he pushed
While Frank Woodley was in Perth for the Perth Comedy Festival earlier this year, Scott Martin had the chance to
Community Radio is an integral part of the Australian media landscape. It gave myself, and my fellow piers our first
The Desert Scorpion Squad and The Sandhawk Clan are both international charity organisations comprised of Star Wars costume enthusiast. The
MESH did a recent interview with Radio and Sound major student G di Giovanni about his time at Murdoch  
Games Art Graduate Maddison Jones who now lives and works in Sweden recently did an interview with MESH, here are
Work-integrated learning is embedded throughout the Graphic Design course at Murdoch University. Many of the units in the Graphic Design
Below is an email interview MESH did with Connor Lidellow a design graduate who now works for local webdesign company
This Graphic Design Graduate Honour Board formally celebrates the achievements of our Digital Design and Graphic Design graduates. Over the